Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital

4616 Commerce Valley Road
Eau Claire, WI 54701



Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital was approved by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as a Cat Friendly Practice on January, 25 2017. We were awarded Gold Level status which is the highest level available.

We look forward to continuing to give you the best possible care for cats and to try to make those visits here as pleasant as possible for you and your furry friend.

Check out this website which is full of reliable information for felines: Link

Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian - a downloadable brochure to make life a little easier for everyone. Link

Feline Housesoiling - a downloadable brochure that helps answer questions to this very frustrating issue

Your Cat's Environmental Needs

Vaccinations for Your Cat

Friends for Life: Caring for your Older Cat

Nursing Care for Your Cat: Practical Tips for Pet Owners

Alternatives to Declawing

HELPFUL VIDEOS:  Cats & Carriers: Friends not Foes  Watch Now (10 minutes)

In more of a hurry?  Tips for Taking Your Cat to the Veterinarian: Watch Now (3 minutes)

Have a kitten and want to start off on the right foot (paw?) with carrier training:  4 minutes now makes life easy in the future
(Carrier Training with Jacqui Nelson and Bug)

How to Massage Your Cat 

Feline Advocates at our Cat Friendly Practice
Our entire staff is dedicated to making your feline friend more comfortable at our veterinary
hospital.  The individuals listed below are our leaders in providing the newest and best
information to our staff and clients.

Joan Schumacher, DVM

Becky Carpenter, CVT

Brittney Peterson, CVT